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So, I have decided that I need a chore board. You may be thinking "oh that's a great way to get kids involved in housekeeping." Yes it is, but we have no children. Hubster and I need one for ourselves. We are both so busy with "real" jobs, creating, building, and etsy that we sometimes forget some of the day to day household operations that must occur to live in a peaceful and well rounded environment. So I browsed etsy and found this fun set of chore cards by soapstarmom The basic set includes 32 chores such as load dishwasher, dust pictures,counter tops, and wash windows. She also has a supplemental pack with chores such as change sheets and sweep and mop, and for those of you with children, a child set reminding them to brush their teeth and do their homework. She also has a nifty personalized board on which to hang her lovely chore cards. I think with a fun set like this I would be a super organized wonder woman, with a house that ran so efficiently, that Martha would be asking for tips. Well, ok maybe I am stretching that a bit but it is a fun item that would remind me "hey get of the etsy forums and load the dishwasher!"

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Christopher And Tia said...

I can really relate to this post. Only, I'm not all that busy, chorse just slip my mind. And a lot of the things that I'd like to get done, I can't do with a 2 year old saying "I helping me!!!", which means that she wants to help. She can help with little tasks, but when it comes to cleaning a bathroom, shes really more in the way than anything. I'm going to go check out the chore cards.

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