mini food and food on a stick

So each month a department at work is responsible for hosting a potluck in honor of that months birthdays. Guess whose month August was. This gal! Hmmm what theme? Well a couple of weeks ago while browsing the craftzine blog I came across the cutest darn mini caramel apples you have ever seen. So, I of course became obsessed with mini food. So the theme was set mini food and/or food on a stick. Of course 95% of the folks at work thought I was plumb crazy. What kind of theme is that? Well the party was a success! Mini foods and foods on sticks galore!

Unfortunately my mini caramel apples did not work out. The caramel wouldn't stick. So I opted for traditional caramel apples. Still on a stick, right? I created centerpieces by creating makeshift topiaries using lollipops. We had mini bottles of water and those tiny cans of soda that they always have at hospitals. There were mini pizzas, spinach phyllo triangles, mini sandwiches, various bite sized goodies, kabobs, and the all around favorite mini burger cookies (made by me). Once again I was inspired by a post on craftzine via the justjennrecipes blog entry. Her version uses peppermint patties as the faux burger. But frankly that did not sound too tasty to me. Don't get me wrong, I love a peppermint patty, but not between to vanilla wafers. So I was luck in that retail establishments are already putting out Halloween candy. I picked up those crispy rice chocolate gold coins. Perfect size for my vanilla wafer buns!
I was even able to use the wrappers from the chocolate coins to serve as my burger wrappers. Yay! Like I said, the party was a smash hit. They were talking about it for days. I think I am going to have to challenge September's host to giant food and food in jars. I really just need a reason to make not marthas pie in a jar.


fluffnflowers said...

That's a fantastic idea! Sounds like a great, fun concept.

Twisted said...

I love it! I wish I could taste them. Nice job.

dandyapple said...

Thanks ya'll

Beat Black said...

mmm, I've seen faux burgers on Etsy before and thought they were the cutest things! I'm glad it was such a hit :)

Sayo said...

I love that idea! I want to be invited to a mini food party!

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