studio shot tuesday

Studio Shot Tuesday
TTV style.
Through my little brownie hawkeye flash.
These are the latest pendants I have been working on. The one on the right (although you can't really make it out here) is my absolute favorite to date. Maybe I will do a sneak peek shot of it later today.

Studio shot Tuesdays are inspired by Littleput's entries here and the flickr group she created.


The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

The pendants are lovely. I really like the stones...

You have been tagged.. please come to my blog and see what you are to do and then lease a comment if you would like to take part. thanks.

nanouk said...

I'm telling it right away: you're tagged:)

I read your blog from time to time and really like your style, so I thought it's a nice way to maybe lead others to your page, too...

tabitha said...

what an awesome photo! i love old style photos

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