I need an anxiety pill.

Oh, I am so nervous! I set today as the deadline to officially open my etsy shop. Well, the day has come. I am scared to death. I have a a big case of the butterflies in my tummy. Why? I don't know. Just jitters I guess.

I still haven't decided how many items to list today. I have read so much info in the last several weeks. My brain is hurting. I want to have a nice full shop, but I don't want to compromise the much talked about exposure. And I certainly don't want to bump the other wonderful artists by listing a bunch at once. So I will probably list two or three things a day over the next several days.

Unless, I chicken out. Ha! No I will not.
OK, before I launch into a Stuart Smalley monologue, I am going to go.
Wish me luck!


Brandi said...

congrats on your shop!!!

let me just say that the much talked about exposure is an important tip. however, i think for brand new sellers, it really is a better idea to list more than one thing a day, at least at first, like you're thinking of doing.

as far as bumping anyone, don't worry about it; it's inevitable. as long as you're near the top and can be found in the first few pages of the search results, that's what matters. that's why people say list once a day - not to be on the very top, but near the top.

can't wait to see your pieces!

dandyapple said...

Thanks for the tips, Brandi. I had planned on listing more than one item yesterday, but I never dreamed it would take me so long to get just that one listed. Thanks again for the advise.

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